Landlords – how to find the best insurance deals online

Whether you have a single let property or a large portfolio of rentable accommodation brokers can find you the right landlord insurance from Cheap insurance will not always necessarily provide the right cover and complete protection for landlords, it’s quite a balancing act to get a competitively priced premium with the relevant key features. Brokers specialise in a range of landlord insurances and can provide cover for:-

  • Theft or malicious damage caused by tenants
  • Replacement locks or keys following theft

Benefit from the services of brokers

Brokers can compare landlord insurance and buy-to-let insurance from their high quality panel of UK insurance providers. All types of tenants are accepted for instance local authority, DSS, care and support tenants, as well as asylum seekers. Insurance brokers have a wealth of experience within the landlord insurance marketplace, their aim is to provide landlords with a choice of policies and levels of cover including competitive insurance premiums. You can benefit from their online services and expertise no matter how many properties you have to let.

For landlords with multiple to let properties many brokers offer great discounts on insurance policies and cover for:-

  • Accidental damage
  • Loss of rent
  • Metered gas and metered water
  • Unoccupied property
  • 24-hour landlord assistance
  • Commercial loss recovery
  • Trace and access

Landlords with multiple rental properties

Check out the rates that brokers offer landlords who have multiple rental properties, the more properties you have the bigger discounts you can receive. Experienced brokers will look after your needs and tailor-make quotations and suitable excess terms, they are equipped to turn around quotes in the shortest possible time whether you have residential or commercial tenanted properties. They have access to quality underwriters so can find competitively buy-to-let insurance for multiple property owners.

Getting a quote

To help with your landlord insurance quotation, have the necessary information on hand about:-

  • The property’s postcode
  • Tenant type
  • Rebuild value
  • Approximate year of purchase
  • Claims history
  • Contents value
  • Loss of rent value

Once you have provided this information you will receive a quotation online for landlord insurance within minutes and instant cover after a payment has been made. Brokers will also ask you what level of excess you’re comfortable with in respect of each rentable property you own, so make contact today to find out more.