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Insuring a Minibus Taxi

If you work as a taxi driver and you own a minibus then you need to get the right type of cover.

Below are some of the main types of cover you can get for a minibus taxi as well as some ways to save money on minibus insurance.

Types of cover

  • Private hire – Private hire insurance is suitable if you work for a private hire firm and your vehicle can only be pre-booked. Private hire insurance is generally cheaper as private hire drivers face fewer risks.
  • Public hire – Public hire insurance is for minibus taxis that display a ‘taxi’ sign and can be hailed from the street.
  • Road risks – Road risks is the most basic type of cover you need to get for your minibus. You can choose the level of cover you want to get. Third party is the cheapest cover but it will not provide any protection for your own vehicle.
  • Public liability – Liability claims are something you must also protect against, particularly if you work for a large taxi firm. Having public liability cover included in your policy will certainly be something you’re grateful for if the time comes when you need it. You can also have legal expenses included too.
  • Breakdown assistance – If you don’t already have breakdown assistance then you can have it included in your policy for an additional cost.

How to save money

  • Secure your vehicle – Making your vehicle more secure by parking it in a safe place and installing an alarm, immobiliser etc. will certainly help to lower the cost of your insurance.
  • Shop around – You should also make the effort to get as many quotes as possible since this will prevent you from overspending on a policy you could have gotten cheaper elsewhere. There are many excellent insurance comparison services online where you can get minibus taxi insurance.
  • Limit cover options – A very easy way to cut down the cost of a taxi minibus insurance policy is simply to limit the cover options. Instead of getting a comprehensive policy with lots of extras, you can get a basic third party policy that only provides the cover you need to drive legally.

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What is the real difference among taxi cab insurance policy and regular motoring insurance policy?

If they try to do so on standard motoring insurance they’ll soon be in trouble and unlikely to receive a pay out if they make a claim, even though many taxi drivers work in their own vehicle. Specialist insurance coverage is vital for taxi drivers.

So, what are the differences between simple motoring taxi and insurance insurance?

The price

Sadly webeden, taxi insurance policies are higher priced than standard motoring insurance coverage. Insurance plans are always depending on risk, as well as the miles and hours on your way taxi drivers devote indicates they can be simply very likely to engage in any sort of accident, so the selling price increases

Taxis’ tendency to be large enough to carry a decent number of passengers puts them at the more expensive end of that scale too, as the cost of insurance is partly predicated on the size of the vehicle. Use a multiquote taxi cab insurance plan instrument for the best benefit and cover.

The kind of function one does

It becomes an more you will not find in regular motor insurance plan. Cabs are generally individual employ, also known as minicabs, or community work with or hackney carriages. A personal retain the services of car must be arranged in advance while an open public employ licence will permit the driver to get in the road. The insurance policy you may have have to represent the sort of job you do.

Forms of insurance plan

Within those two extensive categories there are actually varying levels of professional taxi insurance. Coverage only is the cheap and cheerful include, named car owner is designed for 1 taxi cab vehicle driver as well as any car owner plans allows one to travel your cab and is considered the most high-priced of which all.

A similar degrees of deal with you discover in standard motoring insurance plan also implement – fully complete to alternative party only (see

Breakdown cover

Deteriorating with your vehicle is really an ache in the throat. Deteriorating within your taxi cab begins to cost from the moment the generator grinds into a stop. Taxi insurance plan can provide breaking down cover which will include a completely-registered replacement cab so that you can continue operating instantly.


Taxi insurance coverage involves unlimited traveler responsibility include. This means if you should have an accident then you will be covered for anyone in your vehicle who is hurt. Your licence sets a restriction on the volume of passengers it is possible to hold and you should keep your taxi cab insurance involves cover up to this amount.

Community liability insurance

As you are a business, you can be at risk for claims for damage caused by your negligence. This is community liability insurance and it is an attribute of some taxi insurance plans. You will have to pay extra, and the figures in the cover will sound ludicrously large, but the damage a legal claim against you could cause is potentially disastrous.


Nearly all insurance coverages consist of mileage boundaries. Private drivers rarely need to consider these restrictions, but taxi drivers do. ( Try to find unlimited miles policies or make sure that the limits that implement will not likely affect your work.

Private use

Most taxi insurance will cover drivers whether they are working or using their taxi for personal use, but it is something that you should check carefully. The licence from the community influence could place limits on that can travel an authorized taxi, so be sure you make sure that and never purchase include you can not use.

The way to get the correct insurance cover and reduce costs

Ways to get the correct cover and not spend as much

The applications of a minibus are numerous and it’s also their versatility causing them to be a really popular vehicle both for businesses and folks. Whatever a minibus is required for, it should be insured properly to be road legal. The actual insurance required is dependent upon precisely what the minibus ( is now being used by. Should it be utilized for private purposes, for instance a family vehicle then this level of cover needed is gloomier than if it’s getting used to hold the population. Below I’ll search detail at two main different kinds of insurance readily available for minibuses – charity insurance and taxi insurance.

1) Minibuses are excellent as technique of transport for charitable organizations. Their large carrying capacity and generous space for storing brings about just the thing for this kind of purpose. If you’re planning to insure a minibus that’s utilized for charity then you need to manage to find an exceptionally affordable policy from of the many insurance companies.
There are certain provisions when getting this type of insurance. One example is you will have to provide sometimes a section 19 or section 22 permit to indicate for the insurance vendor how the vehicle is definitely being utilized for your ( non-profit organization.
There are actually three amounts of cover you can obtain – fully comprehensive, third party or fire and theft. Whilst fully comprehensive is a higher end it also essentially the most recommended the way it covers your minibus against most risks. This is the responsible option, particularly transporting members of the public –

2) Many taxi companies can have one or more minibus within their fleet. There are frequently when groups of around 8 or 9 individuals will need transporting somewhere plus a regular size taxi will not deliver the results. That’s the place where a minibus is great.
For people with a minibus which can be used to handle the population for profit then it’s essential to law which you have public liability a part of your policy. Additionally, it is is recommended that you have got replacement vehicles in your insurance policies too. Whilst minibuses are a fantastic choice for a taxi cab, they might break up an other vehicle so having replacements provided ensures your operation will keep running smoothly.

If you want to receive a quote for minibus insurance then it’s much better to get quotes from many companies in order to make a price. Getting quotes is very simple nowadays due to the internet. Usually you fill in a certain amount of information regarding the minibus or minibuses you intend to insure and who definitely are pushing them. This post will then be utilized to calculate a cost and you can now will often have under garments in a few minutes.

With regards to insurance!

Should you own a minibus or several minibuses, whether used in business or private purposes, then you should realize that they’re legally needed to be insured. Even though you are legally obliged to insure your minibus, you’ll find that you want the satisfaction that accompany helping your vehicle insured. To ensure you contain the correct style of insurance this is a good idea to remain fully informed for the types of cover that exist for minibuses.
It’s possible you’ll possess a family minibus that you choose to also sometimes use to produce a chunk of spare money, but if you don’t have public liability cover as part of your insurance then you might wear big trouble, both financially and legally if there initially were a major accident. Here I’ll have a look at three with the main types of insurance widely available for minibuses based on the use.
Private Cover for Families –
A minibus could be an excellent solution for larger families who don’t locate a car to have adequate room. For people with a minibus employed solely for domestic, non-profit purposes then you need exactly the same options available for car insurance policy. Those are: fully comprehensive, 3rd party or fire and theft.
Whilst fire and theft would be the cheapest degree of cover, it’s not necessarily recommended for a household vehicle. As the name suggests it should only cover you in case the vehicle is stolen or damaged by fire. For any family vehicle it is usually recommended to settle for a completely comprehensive policy. Using this method that you are covered for up to every risk posed to the vehicle including accidents, breakdowns and criminal acts such as theft and vandalism.
Taxi Insurance –
Most taxi firms will have no less than one minibus in their variety of vehicles. It is because there are actually often larger sets of passengers who are required transportation the place where a regular taxi couldn’t survive adequate. Minibuses offer just not a great capacity of passengers and greater hard drive for luggage.
While they are fantastic as taxis, minibuses getting used for this function do require you to have extra provisions which include public liability cover. This is needed by law if you are transporting people for financial gain.

Fleet Insurance –
This could tie into taxi insurance as much taxi firms will have a couple of minibus that may be classed for a fleet. If it is the truth a fleet policy is usually an excellent method for saving time, money and paperwork when insuring your minibuses. With fleet insurance all of your minibuses are covered a single policy in lieu of having individual policies.
Most large insurance firms ( will give you fleet insurance for minibuses. If you have distinctive forms of vehicles as well as insure them along with your minibuses this isn’t a predicament. Most fleet policies permit types of vehicles to be included.

Minibus Insurance

Why You Need Minibus Insurance

Every type of motor vehicle in the UK is required by law to have a minimum level of insurance before they’re able to driven on the roads. The minimum level of insurance required will vary depending on the vehicle type and what it’s being used for. A regular car must only have third party insurance as a minimum to be driven legally. The focus of this article however, will be on minibus insurance. Insuring a minibus is different from regular car insurance as in most cases they will be used to transport members of the public, whether it’s for charitable purposes or for profit.


Before we look at the types of cover you can get for a minibus, it’s important to know how a minibus is classified by insurance providers. To quality as a minibus, your vehicle must have a capacity of nine to sixteen passenger seats. If the number of seats is either higher or lower than this then your vehicle is not classified as a minibus and a different type of insurance must be sought.

Types of Cover

The type of cover you need to get for your minibus varies depending on its use. Many taxi firms will use minibuses when they need to transport a larger number of passengers. In this case it is a legal requirement to have public liability cover included in your policy. This is the case whenever someone is being transported in a minibus for profit or reward. The minimum level of public liability you can get for a minibus is five million pounds.

Minibus are also used very frequently for charity. In this case you’re able to get a special type of discounted insurance, on the condition that you’re able to show the correct documents to the insurance provider.

There are a not insignificant number of families who also have a minibus. Their generous capacity is ideal for larger families, though it’s important to bear in mind that the minibus should only be used for private ie non-profit purposes in the case, unless public liability cover is also included in your policy.

In addition to the main types of insurance you can get for minibuses, you can also get a number of extras included in your policy. Contents cover is particularly popular. Since a lot of minibuses are used to transport members of the public, often valuable items can be left in the minibus which will be covered when there is contents cover. Breakdown assistance is another very useful option to have included in a policy and is available at a very affordable price.

Finding Quotes Online

Getting quotes online is very quick and simply. Most insurance providers will have a form on their website which you can fill in and get a quote with a matter of minutes. There are also a number of insurance comparison sites that you can use, which let you get quotes from multiple insurance providers by filling in just one form. This is a great way to save time and money.