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The Best Type of Cover for Taxi Firms

If you own a taxi firm then you’ll know that running such a business comes with a lot of work.

One of the main things you need to think about when running a taxi firm is getting the right type of insurance.

When you have multiple vehicles to insure then by far the best way of doing it is by getting a taxi fleet insurance policy. This will enable you to insure all your vehicles together and keep costs to a minimum.

Types of cover

Below are some of the types of cover you can get with a taxi fleet insurance policy.

  • Third party – A third party policy will make your vehicles road legal but won’t include any cover for them, unless you get fire and theft added. This is the cheapest type of cover and is a good option if you’re on a limited budget.
  • Comprehensive – A comprehensive policy will protect your vehicles, even if one of your drivers is to blame for the collision. Fire and theft are also included.
  • Public liability- Public liability insurance is always recommended for taxi firms. It will ensure that if a liability claim were to be filed against your company, you’d have the money to pay out. You can also have legal expenses included.
  • Employer’s liability – In addition to get cover for public liability claims you can also get cover for claims from your drivers.
  • Breakdown assistance – Breakdown assistance is definitely worth getting included in your policy if you don’t already have it.

Ways you can cut down costs

  • Only hire reliable, experienced drivers – One of the best ways you can keep the cost of your taxi fleet insurance affordable is by hiring reliable experienced drivers. Drivers who are over the age of 25 and who have plenty of experience driving will cost less to insure since they’re less likely to be involved in incidents that require a claim.
  • Pay for the policy annually – If you’re able to pay for the policy annually rather than monthly then you’ll be able to make a good saving on the cost.
  • Get a lot of quotes – Getting quotes from different insurance providers is one of the best ways to save money on taxi fleet insurance since it ensures you don’t overspend.

A Guide to Lorry Insurance

Lorries are incredibly large vehicles that take a lot of experience to drive well. If you own a lorry, or even a fleet of lorries then you’ll need to get the right type of cover.

One of the biggest challenges of running your own business, especially one that relies on the use of vehicles, is getting insurance at the best rate. When looking for lorry insurance, it’s always a good idea to get cover from a specialist lorry insurance provider.

Types of policies

Below are some of the types of policies you can get for lorry insurance –

  • Third party – A third party policy will provide just enough cover so the vehicle(s) can be driven legally. However your lorry won’t be covered if you (or one of your drivers) were to blame for a collision. For full coverage, you need to get a comprehensive policy.
  • Comprehensive – Comprehensive insurance will cover you for all types of collisions, regardless of who’s to blame. Comprehensive cover also includes fire and theft.
  • Fleet insurance – If you have multiple lorries that need to be insured then the best way to do this is by getting a fleet insurance policy. Fleet insurance enables you to insure as many trucks as you need under the same policy.
  • Breakdown assistance – Breakdown assistance is a must, whether you have one vehicle or an entire fleet. You can often get breakdown assistance included in your policy for an additional fee.

The best ways to save money

Below are some of the best ways to save money on lorry insurance –

  • Pay upfront – By paying for your policy annually, rather than monthly you can negotiate a lower rate with insurance providers and make a significant saving.
  • Be selective with drivers – The drivers you hire will certainly impact how much you pay for lorry insurance. Generally you’ll want to hire drivers who are over the age of 25 and who have no criminal or driving convictions. A good amount of experience driving a lorry is of course also important.
  • Get as many quotes as possible – Getting quotes is now easier than ever and is one of the best ways to save money on lorry insurance.

A Guide to Truck Insurance

If you’re currently looking for truck insurance, either for a single truck or a fleet, then you should find the guide below extremely useful.

Types of trucks


Below are some of the types of trucks that can be covered by a truck insurance policy

  • HGVs
  • LGVs
  • Flat bed lorries
  • Refrigerated trucks
  • Recovery trucks
  • Tipper trucks
  • Skip lorries
  • Gritter lorries
  • Vans

Types of cover

  • Road risks – Road risks are the most basic type of cover you need for a truck. It will ensure that you’re able to drive the truck legally and that at the minimum, other parties are covered if you’re involved in a collision. You can choose from third party, third party, fire and theft or a fully comprehensive policy.
  • Contents insurance – Contents insurance is always a good idea when your trucks are transporting goods. Contents insurance can cover the contents of the trucks for theft, damage and spoiling.
  • Liability claims – Liability claims are always a risk for trucking firms so having public liability cover included in a truck insurance policy is always recommended. It’s also possible to have legal expenses included as part of this. Employer’s liability is another type of cover that you can get with a truck insurance policy and this will cover you for claims from your drivers.
  • Breakdown recovery – Another very important type of cover for trucks is breakdown recovery. It’s of course possible to get breakdown recovery from a third party provider but you might be able to save money by getting it included as part of your policy, particularly if you’re getting a fleet policy where multiple trucks need to be insured.

Getting cover online

Getting truck insurance online is very quick and simple thanks to the myriad of insurance comparison services out there. Getting quotes online is very easy and you can easily tailor your quotes to suit the exact needs of your business. You also have the added bonus of having no pressure from insurance providers that you get quotes from.

If you have any more questions about truck insurance then be sure to check out these FAQ

Getting Cover As a Start-Up Motor Trader

Starting out in the motor trade can be a daunting thing to do. Depending on the type of business you plan to run, you might need to get a premises, tools, stock, employees etc. This can be a lot of time and work.

One of the major things you need to take care of in order to run a successful motor trade business is the right type of insurance. Below is an explanation of the types of cover you can get as well as some ways to save money.

Types of cover

  • Road risks – Road risks cover is standard is almost all motor trade policies and allows you and your employees to work on and drive customer vehicles as required.
  • Liability claims – Liability claims are always something you should be prepared for so getting this type of cover included in your policy is highly recommended. You can also have legal expenses included in your policy too.
  • Combined policy – A combined motor trade policy provides a way to cover all aspects of a motor trade business. This means you can get cover for road risks as well as covering your premises, tools, stock and cash – all under the same policy.
  • Part-time policy – For those who work in the motor trade on a part-time basis, it’s possible to get a flexible policy that only provides cover when required.

Saving money

  • Get a lot of quotes – When taking out a motor trade policy, you want to make sure you get the best deal possible. The best way to do this is by getting quotes from many different providers. You can get motor trade insurance quotes easily from a site such as
  • Make your premises secure – Taking steps to make your premises secure will help to reduce the risk of theft and vandalism. Installing CCTV, security lights and an alarm will all help to reduce the price you’re quoted for a motor trade policy.
  • Pay annually instead of monthly – Although you will pay more upfront by paying for your motor trade policy annually rather than monthly; the key benefit is that you’ll be able to save a significant amount on the overall cost.