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Search for insurance online to protect unoccupied properties

Any property which is unoccupied may incur serious problems without the correct insurance.  Properties can be empty for a number of reasons which are generally broken down into the following:-

  • in between tenants or awaiting tenants
  • undergoing work or renovation
  • the owner is living or working abroad
  • the owner is waiting to move into alternative accommodation
  • the owner is deceased
  • the owner is being moved into a nursing home
  • the owner is in hospital for a long period of time

Professional online brokers The Property Insurer or Multiquote Unoccupied Insurance have designed unoccupied property insurance for individual owners as well as landlords, why not check out online today for more information.

Request a quote

It costs nothing to request a quote for unoccupied property insurance, the level of cover obviously depends on the reason why the property is empty, it’s worth noting that in some cases insurance may be restricted if there is major renovation work taking place over a prolonged period of time.  Rest assured brokers can provide online discounts for unoccupied property insurance depending on which level of cover you choose, check out the various options online to save cash on premiums.  It’s also good news for landlords, should your properties become tenanted at any time brokers can amend your unoccupied property insurance policy at no additional cost.

Property protection for landlords

Landlords who own multiple properties which they rent out to tenants can sometimes find themselves in the situation of having empty properties due to a lack of occupants.  When this scenario happens it’s essential for landlords to purchase unoccupied property insurance to cover their business assets before their investment becomes a target for thieves, vandals or squatters who may cause untold damage in a short space of time costing thousands of pounds to put right.  Don’t take any unnecessary risks, purchase unoccupied property insurance as soon as possible from established online brokers.

Don’t limit your cover

Some insurers will provide unoccupied property insurance for a short period of time which may be inadequate for landlords, insurance brokers however offer the necessary cover for empty properties no matter how long the duration.  They will search their database online of well-known online UK insurers to find the best policy and prices for their clients which typically covers buildings and contents along with property owner’s liability.  If you do have security measures in place in your unoccupied property such as alarms, additional locks on windows and doors then expect to receive further insurance discounts.

Find out about personal trainers and what they can do for you


Most people think personal trainers are just for those who can afford expensive gym sessions, but think again. There are many trainers in the area of Kent who offer affordable personal training to people from all walks of life, so if you need motivating and encouraging regarding losing weight, make contact soon. Adam Wilson is one such trainer who takes great pleasure in instructing clients using many different forms of equipment for instance:-

  1. Tred sleds
  2. Free weights
  3. Kettlebells
  4. Rowing machines

Exercising with the above can help you become the person you have always wished to be, slim, lithe, more energetic and attractive. Click online today to find out more about personal trainers and what they can do for you.

Have fun while exercising

Exercising can be such good fun especially if you take a friend or a group of friends along to a fitness centre with you. You can compete with each other while offering encouragement and motivation. Adam Wilson will also talk to you about the importance of eating the right food to compliment all the exercising you’re doing. He has the knowledge and know-how about diets and everything connected with healthy eating, so you know you are in the right hands.

It’s also fun exercising too. You can try using kettlebells which are cast iron weights, weighing from five pounds to over one hundred. They are ball shaped with easy to grip handles and target all aspects of getting fit including:-

  • Strength
  • Agility
  • Balance
  • Endurance
  • Cardio activity

Kettlebells training in Kent is challenging and really works. It should be said that it is essential to know how to use this particular type of equipment properly, this is where Adam Wilson comes into the equation. He shows his clients the correct way to handle and use kettlebells so no-one damages themselves or has any kind of mishap.

Make contact soon

It’s recommended to make contact sooner rather than later if you would like to attend a gym session at Adam Wilson’s training centre. He or one of his team can also come to your home if that is what you prefer to provide a workout programme for you undertake at your own pace and in your own time. Online sessions are also available, clients are sent an exercise chart straight into their inbox, all options are affordable and can be the answer to your fitness dilemma.

What different types of health insurance cover are available in the UK

The waiting times for an outpatient appointment on the National Health Service in England, is around seven weeks. As a result, many people decide to take out a private health insurance policy, which will cover the cost of any private medical treatment they receive for short-term or curable medical conditions.

Private health insurance will provide someone with the funds to ensure they can get treatment as soon as they fall ill or sustain an injury in a private healthcare environment. However, this should not be seen as a replacement for NHS services, as private hospitals do not generally have casualty facilities. It is simply a way of making sure you can get treatment for medical conditions more quickly.

The Association of British Insurers (ABI) state that ‘most people buy this type of insurance to gain the reassurance of knowing that treatment is available promptly, if they become ill or are injured.’ It is also a great way for policyholders to have peace of mind that they will not have a long wait to find out what is wrong with them and that they will go straight on to a waiting list if surgery is required.

There are many different types of private health insurance plans available in the UK and choosing the correct one to suit your needs is very important.

Critical illness insurance will cover someone who is diagnosed suddenly with a severe illness and usually involves being paid a tax-free lump sum, which can then be used by the patient however they wish.

Income protection insurance is a very important policy for self-employed people if they become unable to work. The plan will also pay a percentage of your gross income if you cannot work because of injury or if you fall sick. The premium for this insurance is calculated on the type of work that you are involved in and how quickly you will want the benefits to pay. The payments will stop once you are fit to be able to work again.

There is low cost cash plan insurance, which is put in place to provide the policyholder with funds to cover medical expenses, for things such as optical, dental or nursing benefits. This type of insurance is available for individuals and families.

The Health Trust Fund is a policy designed to replace the traditional health insurance scheme to take advantage of trust fund laws in the UK, which permit low cost cover, no excess payments, no automatic premium increases, no age loading and comprehensive access to medical facilities. However, it is important to note that the Financial Services Authority does not currently regulate health trust funds.

Choosing the right health insurance policy is important to suit your own individual needs and budget.