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Check out information about insuring more than one vehicle

If your household has more than one car or you run a company that has multi vehicles buying insurance online is the answer. Take a look at professional insurers who can offer multi vehicle insurance at great prices while not compromising on the quality of the protection. Also available on many policies are:-

  • Discounts
  • Savings
  • No claims bonuses
  • Free breakdown cover
  • Free legal protection
  • The opportunity to apply online
  • Experienced agents to help at any time

One of the advantages is that if you do have to make a claim on one vehicle the other vehicles’ no claims bonuses won’t be affected which in turn will keep your future premiums to a minimum, great news!

Complete an online form

To start the process off all you need to do is complete an online form with your personal details and answer questions such as:-

  1. Cover start date
  2. Are you currently fleet rated?
  3. Vehicle usage
  4. The number of drivers and vehicles you own
  5. Details of the vehicles, make, model and registration numbers
  6. The best time to be contacted

You’ll receive a quote by return however if you have any queries there’s a live support chat line you can access in order to speak to one of the team personally.

Making a claim

Should you have to make a claim whether your drivers have been involved in an accident or the vehicle has been stolen, vandalised or set on fire, insurers will do all they can to get you back on the road as soon as possible. For stolen vehicles it’s very important to get in touch with the police first to obtain a crime reference number before calling your insurance company. If your vehicle or vehicles have been involved in a road traffic accident there’s an accident claims process you have to follow which is quite straightforward to do.

Multi vehicle insurance is recommended to save clients money and also to cover them for any eventuality that may occur. Why not make enquiries soon to find out what’s contained in the packages on offer as well as how to make a claim? Whether it’s for multi vehicles in a company or family fleet insurance, multi vehicle insurance is worth its weight in gold especially when you can take advantage of the many special offers available.